About Us


Ghost Branch Coffee Company was established by Justin Keller, driven by a commitment to embody the grit and resilience of the American spirit. Justin's love for roasting coffee led him to recognize the intrinsic connection between hard work and coffee.

Before founding Ghost Branch, Justin held a blue-collar job while attending the University of North Texas. Despite being promised a well-deserved raise by his boss, he received only a 23-cent increase. While acknowledging that a 23-cent raise may not be the most significant, Justin felt a lack of control over his future. This experience spurred the creation of GBCC, a brand that fuses a hardworking lifestyle, a passion for coffee roasting, and the collective spirit of its customers. Today, Ghost Branch Coffee Company stands as a testament to this unique blend.


We’re proud Americans.
We’re proud of this brand. We’re proud of the work we do together. We love the great customers who keep coming back to support us and keep spreading the message. 
We're glad you're here, and we hope you'll stay awhile. We're not going anywhere.


"It's 5AM somewhere & stay curious" is not only a company phrase it is a way of life for us. 
"It's 5AM somewhere & stay curious" is meant to push you beyond your daily grind and experience life's adventures. No matter what time where you are it is 5 AM somewhere so make your self a cup or two of Ghost Branch Coffee. Staying curious allows you find the adventure and with a cup of Ghost Branch Coffee adventure is just around the corner.