Live life to the max, run at everything FULL SPEED. Purpose is what drives us when motivation is lacking, its what fuels the fire. We believe that your power is your purpose.  



Every day presents you with opportunities, TAKE ACTION. We see every day as an opportunity to pursue progress. Progress in everything. We expect you to seek out the uncomfortable, the challenging, and sit in it. Let it be uncomfortable and then push through. Stop making excuses and make it happen. 



Know what you stand for and stick to it. From everything you do in life DONT CUT CORNERS. Be authentic, honest, and real. Stay true to yourself. Sure it may make thing a little harder at time but that doesn't matter. What matters is knowing that everything you do is what your proud of. 



Have the confidence to show up ALWAYS! Lead by exampleThis isn’t just a way to lead… it’s the only way. We cannot lead if we aren’t willing to do what we ask others to do. Set the Standard high.



Always Help People NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Being a Texas company, Service is a pillar ingrained into Ghost Branch Coffee's lifeblood since its beginning. For us, service means meeting our community's needs and coming alongside to help them take life head-on. That is why we have started MORE THAN COFFEE. MTC is a organization that helps those in our communities that need it no matter what. 

Coffee isn't just a drink for caffeine. Coffee fuels you to work hard. Coffee is the bridge to these 5 PILLARS to be one of us. These 5 pillars are here so you know what we stand for and what kind of people you are buying coffee from. We are undeniably dedicated to these pillars because they guide us in life to be who we want to be.